If you're the type of conscientious dog owner who makes a point of walking your pet at least once per day, you want these outings to be enjoyable for both of you. One issue that can affect the experience is when your dog pulls at the end of its leash — creating a scenario in which it feels as though your dog is walking you, rather than the other way around. Instead of putting up with this behavior, book your dog some sessions with a local training professional. He or she will work with your pet and teach it to walk with a loose leash — in other words, walking alongside you so that the leash isn't taut. Here are some reasons why loose-leash walking is important.

It's Easier For You

It's miserable to walk a dog that is constantly pulling at its leash. This can be difficult and uncomfortable for the pet owner. If you have a large dog, this can especially be true — particularly if you have a small physical stature. For example, if you weigh around 100 pounds and have a dog of a similar weight, its constant pulling on the leash can make your shoulder, arm, and other parts of your body sore by the end of the walk. When the dog trainer teaches your pet to walk with a loose leash, the walking process becomes considerably easier for you.

It's Less Likely To Hurt The Dog

A strong dog that constantly pulls at its leash can occasionally hurt itself. For example, after a walk, you might be aware of your dog coughing repeatedly — perhaps even to the point of throwing up. This behavior can occur because the dog has pulled on the leash frequently enough and hard enough to irritate its throat because of the pressure of the collar. As a pet owner, the last thing that you want is for your pet to suffer even mild discomfort. Loose leash walking can prevent this problem.

It's Less Embarrassing

You may have experienced times when you've felt embarrassed about how you walk your dog. For example, if you observe other dog owners whose pets are calmly walking beside them while yours tugs at its leash, you may feel as though the other owners are judging you in a negative way. This could potentially lead you to stop walking your dog to avoid feeling embarrassed. Following the training, you'll be able to confidently take the dog around your neighborhood.

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