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3 Reasons You Can Feel Good About Putting Your Dog In Dog Boarding

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When you go out of town and are unable to bring your dog along with you, it is very important that you make sure that they are in good hands while you are away. A great way to ensure that they are well taken care of is to take them to a dog boarding facility. These facilities are created for housing dogs for either long or short periods of time, and they will make sure that your dog is going to be well taken care of. This article will discuss three reasons why you can feel good about putting your dog in dog boarding.  Many Are Staffed 24/7 If you are worried about your dog being left alone for extended periods of time while you are away, consider taking your dog to a dog boarding facility. At the dog boarding facility, you are going to be able to have the comfort of knowing that one or more of the staff members are going to be there 24/7. This means that, if something were to happen to your dog in the middle of the night, someone would be there to help them right away and make sure that they got the care that they needed. They will also have comfort and company at all hours. They Are Given Plenty Of Space  It is no secret that dogs love to run around and play, and boarding facilities realize this. They want your dog to feel as comfortable as possible when they are in their facility, so they will provide them with plenty of room. The kennel that they stay in is going to be large enough for them to walk around and enjoy themselves. The dog boarding facility is also going to have a separate area where all of the dogs can go together to run around and play. This is going to be a fenced in area where the dogs are kept safe and cannot get out.  They Allow You To Bring A Piece Of Home For Your Dog  As an added way to help your dog feel comfortable at the boarding facility, you can bring little pieces of home along with them. This may be their dog bed that they love or a dog toy that they enjoy playing with. This will help your dog to feel more comfortable, and they will feel more comforted having items with familiar smells on them. For information about dog boarding, talk to a facility like Weber’s Training School in your...

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Training Your Dog On Your Own: What Advice You Should And Should Not Follow

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With so much advice out there on how to train your dog, you might be confused as to what advice you should follow. There are expert dog trainers who definitely know their stuff when it comes to dogs. Then there is the dog trainer who gets hired by the local pet shop because he or she knows just enough to help new dog owners but really cannot help beyond the basics. If you want real life advice about dogs, you have to start with the facts about dogs and work from there. Here is the advice you should follow, versus what you should not. Your Dog Is a Pack Animal First and You Are the Pack Leader Dogs, unlike cats, hone in on one person in the family. This one person is the “pack leader” to which your dog reports and responds. It expects to get commands and punishments from you and all of the other pack members (e.g., your spouse, your kids) are not to be responded to because they are not the pack leaders. When you get a new dog, always remember that it is a pack animal and will follow the leader with the rest of the pack. Not establishing who the pack leader is early on causes all kinds of behavioral problems in your dog, since he or she will attempt to establish him/herself as pack leader. If the pack leader is you, be the one that trains and disciplines the dog consistently.  Do NOT Treat Your Dog Like a Baby or a Human Americans have a tendency to treat dogs as humans and as babies/children. This is a very bad idea, as well as very bad advice. A spoiled dog will do whatever it wants, including defecating and urinating in the house, biting and fighting other dogs, and wreaking havoc on your home while you are away. While it may be tempting to spoil your dog, do not do it unless you are willing to face ALL of the possible consequences of a dog who does not know how to be a dog first and your human companion second. Do NOT Give Treats During Training A lot of dog trainers say that you should use treats to train your dog. The truth is, you do not have to do this, nor should you. Dogs have a natural tendency and desire to please their masters and mistresses, and lots of praise and petting is usually all it takes to get a dog to do a positive behavior or trick and repeat it on command. Using treats means that you will have to eventually wean your dog away from the treats once the desired behavior or trick has been learned, and then you might end up with new behavior problems. Additionally, treats in training means that your dog could get very fat or constantly expect to be fed treats whenever you play with him/her. It is best to avoid this completely and just use praise, attention and petting as training rewards. For more tips, contact a company like Best...

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Two Types Of Animal Restrictions That Won’t Apply To Your Emotional Support Dog

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Since the stress and social isolation that so often comes with modern life can turn a mental illness into something that’s very chronic and debilitating, it’s not surprising that you’d want a dog with you throughout your day to cheer you up. Luckily, there are plenty of emotional support dogs out there waiting for an owner, and US federal law requires several ordinary restrictions against dogs to be waived when you have an established need for one. Go over these two types of animal restrictions that won’t apply to an emotional support dog and see whether they’re relevant to you. Restrictions In Apartments And Rental Properties Under the right circumstances, thanks to the Fair Housing Act, you’re able to keep an emotional support dog in an apartment that your landlord would claim is too small for pets. In fact, even an untrained dog can be permitted, as long as the mental illness impairing your life is well-documented by a doctor or therapist. Though an extra pet fee won’t be required, you’ll still be responsible for any damage the animal causes. Therefore, if you’re not able to get access to a dog that’s already been trained, make sure that the dog you do settle on is at least housebroken and mellow enough to not run around your rooms all the time. Restrictions On Passenger Planes Since sitting in a crowded airplane can be very stressful, it’s understandable that you’d want to bring your emotional support dog on-board directly instead of stuffing it in the cargo hold. Fortunately, as long as you have all the proper documentation required by the Air Carrier Access Act, you’ll be able to accomplish this goal. Doing this will also save you a lot of money with airlines that charge exponentially more money for every suitcase or storage container you have to bring along. Make sure that you schedule the flight well in advance and inform the airline about the situation with your dog at least a few days before the flight time so that they have no excuse to refuse you. They’ll be required to give you reasonable accommodations. You can even ask to specially board the plane ahead of most of the other passengers! It’s also a good idea to restrict your dog’s diet in the hours before the flight. Together with a good potty break before you leave for the airport, this will do a lot to prevent unnecessary accidents while you’re in the air. For more information, contact a company like Next Generation...

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3 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe From Rattlesnakes

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Rattlesnakes live in many areas in the United States and they range in size. The eastern diamondback can reach up to eight feet long, or you could have one that is as small as one foot. You can find rattlesnakes in trails and parks where you may walk your dog. Keep your dog safe from being bitten by a rattlesnake by following the tips below. Rattlesnake Vaccine Visit your veterinarian to get your dog the rattlesnake vaccine. It may sound strange, but the vaccine is made from snake venom. When the venom is introduced into your dog’s system, it stimulates your dog’s immune system to make antibodies to protect it from the snake venom if it is bitten. This lessens the chances of your dog becoming ill if it is bitten. A vaccinated dog may not have any reaction at all to the snake bite. This is not a regular vaccine, so you will have to ask your veterinarian to give it to your dog. Dog Training If your dog is not trained, sign it up for an obedience training class with a qualified dog trainer. They can teach your dog to stay in your yard, walk on a leash, and not to pull you or try to get away. When training your dog, use a short leash so you have more control over it. This is also helpful if you encounter a snake, as you can pull your dog back to you much easier with a shorter leash. Your dog should walk either behind or beside you, as you need to be the one leading it instead of it leading you. Safe Yard Even if your yard is fenced in for your dog, the fence will not stop snakes from getting in. Snakes can easily crawl into your yard from under your fence unless you use a solid cement base under it. This works much like a brick wall, and the snake can not get through it. Clean up clutter so snakes do not have a place to hide, and mow your lawn regularly, as snakes love to lounge around in tall grass. You should also keep your bushes trimmed. If not, frogs, field mice, and other small animals may hide in them, and snakes like to eat these things. If you have any structures in your yard, such as a shed, make sure there are no gaps under it. Check the foundation around your home for any small holes that snakes could get into. Talk with a dog trainer, like those at Canine Behavior Center, who may have some other tips to protect your dog from rattlesnakes through...

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2 Services That Can Help You Take Care Of Your Dog

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Having a dog or puppy in your life is an amazingly rewarding experience, but that dog or puppy also comes along with a fair bit of responsibility if you want to keep him or her as healthy as possible. Thankfully, there are services out there that can help you keep your dog healthy, safe, and happy. Dog grooming and doggy daycare are some of the most important services that you can take advantage of if you own a dog. Doggy Daycare One of the hardest parts of the day for any dog is when you have to leave them to go to work, school, or simply to run errands. The main reason for this is that your dog can become bored, which can lead to excessive barking or destructive behavior. Excessive barking in particular can be a big problem because it can get your neighbors angry enough to call animal control, at which point you could end up facing a big fine or losing your dog. The good news is that there are doggy daycare services available that allow you to drop your dog off while you are out. This is a great option because the daycare service will walk your dog, play with him or her, and provide him or her access to other dogs. Access to other dogs will be beneficial because it will acclimate your dog to other dogs. This means that your dog will be less likely to get overly excited or aggressive if you are out walking him or her and see another dog. Dog Grooming Another great service that can help you take care of your dog is professional grooming. A visit to a groomer, like those at South Tampa Puppy Palace, will be able to keep your dog healthy in a variety of ways. For example, clipping your dog’s nails will prevent them from getting long enough to start growing back into his or her paw pads and causing him or her a lot of pain. A dog groomer can also use the time he or she spends bathing your dog to spot any signs that you need to take the dog to the vet. This is because through the bathing, brushing, and hair-cutting process, the groomer will get a close look at your dog’s skin. This will enable him or her to spot any injuries, infections, and skin allergies. Taking care of a dog is a big job, but dog grooming and daycare services can help you out. A dog groomer can help keep your dog healthy, while a daycare service can keep your dog happy and entertained while you are at...

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